[Script] Hitleap Viewer with CentOS

To simplify the process of installing wine and tightvnc I wrote a little script. You’ll be asked for an userpass and vncpass during the installation. The User is hardcoded to “hitvnc” and you just need to login via vnc and install hitleap via the msi-file and you will be done 😉 (just check my normal howto if you don’t know how to install hitleap)

OS: CentOS 6 32bit (tested) / CentOS 7 32bit (not tested – please give me some feedback if you try it with CentOS7)


cd /home && wget http://repo.krischan.eu/hitvnc/install.sh && wget http://repo.krischan.eu/hitvnc/vncuser.sh && chmod +x install.sh && chmod 777 vncuser.sh && bash install.sh