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Today I’d like to introduce a new cloud service called “RunAbove“. It’s a sub-brand of OVH Systems which is one of the biggest hosting companies in Europe. I have some OpenVZ-Containers with them for productive use, because of their DDoS-Mitigation which is pretty good (up to 400 Gbps ) and much more important: it’s free!

OVH offers a premium cloudservice too but in my opinion it’s way to expensive for private usage. Therefore they started a new real cloud service for dev and also productive things. You’ll get a 10 Dollar Credit at your sign up to test the service. ( me too if you use my link 😉 )

Services are located in France and at the US east-coast. You’re able to choose between four resources: “Seedbox” for dev and testing stuff, “Steadfast resources” or “One VM per Host” which probably stands for itself and last but not least “IBM Power 8” for CPU intensive things or productive usage.

runabove_models For each resource you can choose between different “engines” (Cores, Ram, HDD).


Each VM is billed hourly with your CC or Paypal-Account (but you pay just once a month!). That system makes it really scaleable, you’re able to set up small sandbox windows VM’s for just three bucks a month but also real monsters like a IBM Power 8 VM for more than one dollar per hour, which will cost you over 800 USD a month! But even their smallest (sandbox) plan for only 0,004 USD/hour is a really “monster” in comparison to some other hosts.


Server Management: 

You’ll be able to manage your vm’s through their own management system or openstack horizon, which is great open source cloud management panel. Another great thing is that the instances spawn nearly instantly and you’re able to deploy up to 20 vm’s per datacenter. They also provide an own API for each of their products to simply create applications with the cloud.

Object Storage:

Their Object Storage is replicated 3 times on pure SSD’s. If one drive fails, it replicates itself on another on. The Storage Plans are pretty cheap, one GB cost you only 0,01 USD a month. You’re also able to connect “removable drives” (from one GB to dozens of TB) to your vm.

In conclusion a really good and scaleable service for nearly everything you could need.

~ Alex

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